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It started with a question...

How can we get 150 million patients who don't have dental insurance on an affordable oral health schedule?

Dr. Brett Wells noticed a problem...and saw an opportunity.

With recent increasing dependency on dental insurance, Brett noticed that his patients and his staff were becoming more and more dissatisfied with the process. From wrestling with "Reasonable and Customary" rates and reimbursements to his patients not getting their money's worth, the whole thing wasn't working.

After some research, he learned about in-house membership plans, and a whole new world opened up. More affordable payment schedules, better connections with his patients, higher retention rates...wins all around. The problem was that these membership plans took a lot of effort to manage. That's when the lightbulb went on.

A chance to do something big.

Brett started making lists. Lists of all the benefits of his in-house membership plans to his office. Lists of benefits to his patients. Lists of challenges with managing the plans. Lists of his lists.

Looking at his lists, Brett realized that he had something here. From talking to colleagues, he knew he wasn't the only dentist in this situation, and that everyone was searching for ways to eliminate dental insurance. Brett saw a chance to do something big...to make a difference in the way dentistry is done. DentalHQ was born.

Leadership Team

Brett Wells, DDS | DentalHQ

Brett Wells, DDS / Founder, CEO

A native North Carolinian, Brett bleeds the teal and black of his hometown Carolina Panthers. He's a consummate entrepreneur, building not only a successful four-office dental practice but also concepting and starting DentalHQ. Despite his success, Brett holds true to his belief that intelligent alien life is "out there." Out there, indeed.

Eric Dawe / VP of Business Development

Eric's a native Atlantan – a rare bird, for sure – who once stole five dollars out of his mom's wallet to buy the cassingle of Guns 'N' Roses' "November Rain." Sorry, Mom. With extensive experience running healthcare marketing companies, Eric is in charge of outbound gospel-spreading and customer-making. Naturally, his childhood dream was to to be a fireman or garbage man...so he could hang off the side of a truck. Naturally.

Eric Dawe | DentalHQ
Mark Hines | DentalHQ

Mark Hines / Chief Product Officer

Mark almost has a diploma from N.C. State. Almost. He decided, four classes away from finishing his degree, that he should turn his attention to entrepreneurial endeavors, selling home theater systems and building a successful a cappella music production company. Which, naturally, lead to DentalHQ, where his primary goal is to marshal the concept, design, and development of the DentalHQ platform. Oh, and he's a heck of a singer, too.

Benjy Rose / Chief Internal and External Information Officer

A native Long Islander and long-suffering New York Jets fan, Benjy claims the distinction of Best Beatboxer in the company. Armed with a Biomedical Engineering degree from Brown University, Benjy proceeded to become a video editor, multimedia developer, web designer, and brand strategist in an effort to not use his degree. He's created messaging for startups and multi-million-dollar businesses, and brings his penchant for puns and aptitude for alliteration to DentalHQ.

Benjy Rose | DentalHQ
Rebecca Nels | DentalHQ

Rebecca Nels / Chief Technology Officer

Rebecca is a builder. She has a Building Construction degree from Georgia Tech (THWG). She builds websites. She builds Lego worlds. She builds muscle through strength training. She builds costumes for DragonCon. She even dreamed of being a homebuilder as a kid, just like her dad. More importantly (for us), Rebecca builds software. No, scratch that. Most importantly, Rebecca makes the greatest homemade ice cream, in the world, ever. Seriously. It's that good.

Nick Lyons / Director of User Experience

Continuing the trend of musicians on the DHQ leadership team, Nick holds a Music Education degree from University of North Carolina (not that one) at Greensboro. He returned 15 years and 3.5 kids later to get an MBA with a concentration in Analytics, and now leads the User Experience optimization charge at DentalHQ. A Giants fan from upstate NY where he spent more than just Summer in Highland Falls, Nick enjoys arguing with his children and building things with wood. Growing up, he always wanted to be a ninja. And maybe he is.

Nick Lyons | DentalHQ

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