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our simple fee structure:


Liftoff ↓

No sign-up fees. No set-up fees.

We like to keep things simple around here.
A simple, per-member management fee. 3-2-1. It's fun to say, isn't it?
It's even more fun when you realize how successful you can be with it.

First 100 members

  • While you're still getting used to the whole revolutionizing-your-practice thing, you're only paying $3 per member per month. That's it.
    Now start adding members, and level up! 

101-200 members

  • First achievement unlocked! Once you've reached the Century Club, your next 100 members are 33% off!

201+ members

  • Doesn't get much better than this. After 200 members, everyone else is just a buck a month. 

* Fee is per member, per office, and does not include any applicable payment processing fees. Multi-office and enterprise pricing available.

What about Annual Members?

We gotcha covered. For members paying annually, it's still nice & simple:

Members 1-100: $33/yr
Members 101-200: $22/yr
Members 201+: $11/yr

Yep, that's a one-month discount on our fees for your annual members.
Why? Because we like you.

Sign more. Save more. Smile more.

As much as we'd love to do this for you for free, the burritos don't pay for themselves. So, we'll make you a deal: the more members you sign up, the more you save. This way, your success (more members) equals our success (more burritos). Win-win!

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