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DentalHQ makes your in-house membership plan BETTER.

Whether you want to create a plan, or just want to make your existing plan work better for you, DentalHQ is the better choice. Trust us...we're dentists.


Simple fee structure, no contracts, get up and running in 8 minutes AT ZERO RISK TO YOU. Start signing up patients, building up your membership plan, and levelling up your practice.


From member sign-up to payment processing, our platform makes setting up and managing your plan a breeze. You set the fees. We can even provide white-label marketing materials to help you get more patients on your plans.


Attract more fee-for-service patients by offering them a solution better than insurance. With recurring revenue and increased patient retention, these plans will put more money in your pocket, while taking less out of your patients'.


Our Client Success Team is dedicated to making sure your plans are working for you. We'll show you how to set it up, get it running, and optimize it for maximum awesomeness. We take care of the plan; you take care of the patients.

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"DentalHQ helps practices tremendously to retain existing patients and attract new ones. You end up far more profitable with DentalHQ than without it."

Roger P. Levin, DDS

Founder & CEO, Levin Group. Inc.

DentalHQ Features

DentalHQ was created by a dentist, and we designed it to be faster, easier, and just plain better.
Here's how:

Customizable plans

You create the plans. You set the fees. Start off with standard plan templates to get going, and then customize it for your office. Add oral cancer screenings, emergency visits, fluoride treatments, whitening...if you're licensed to do it, you can put it in your plan.

Easy member management

Add, edit, and activate members from your Dentist Dashboard. Run reports on payments, see who's up for renewal...all from a simple browser-based interface. Simple online forms make everything automatic.

Simple fee structure

No sign-up fees, no usage fees, no confusion that requires a graphing calculator. We've made it easy: just a simple 3-2-1 pricing structure. With more members, management fees go down. We only succeed when you succeed.


Connect directly with businesses

With BusinessConnect™, we help you reach out directly to small businesses, offering them the ability to offer memberships to their employees as part of their HR perks. Yes, you can do that.

Connect with community groups

With CommunityConnect™, use your community outreach efforts to generate members directly. Create special discounts for retirement communities, sports clubs, PTAs, and more.

Group practices, rejoice!

Built from the ground up with group practices in mind (our CEO is a group practice owner himself), our multi-office solutions are designed for efficiency, simplicity, and growth.

You want more features? We've got more features!

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designed for
group practice success.

From user roles to office selectors to reporting, DentalHQ was built from the ground up to meet the needs of group practices and DSOs (our CEO is a group practice owner himself!).

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the next Revolution in dental membership plans.

Offer your membership plans directly to local businesses with BusinessConnect™.

Yes, you can do that.

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Burning Questions

You're smart. You do your research. 
You want to make sure that DentalHQ is the best membership plan platform for your practice.
We like that about you.

DentalHQ provides live phone, chat, and text message support to our partner offices, and of course 24/7 email support with crazy-fast response time. And while we happily support all Members on our platform, because of potential regulatory compliance issues we strongly recommend that Members communicate directly with their dental office. This is the relationship most of our partner offices prefer.

But that's not enough.

Beyond mere "support", we're here to provide SUCCESS. DentalHQ was founded by dentists, and is endorsed by dentists, dental societies, dentist buying groups, and dental networks throughout the country. Client Success is extremely important to us – your success is our success is the dental industry's success.

Boy, do we ever.

We talked about it in the previous question, but Client Success is one of our core values. It's also what we named the office hamster (don't judge). It is our explicit goal that you absolutely crush it with membership plans. And the best way to facilitate that is with training.

We provide complimentary live web training to not only help you create the best plan for your practice, but to teach your staff how to use the platform and, most importantly, how to communicate your plan with your patients. Need a refresher? We do those, too.

All DentalHQ partner offices get a host of marketing assets, from complimentary in-office displays and email templates to partnerships with various entities providing digital marketing and SEO services, direct mail and EDDM services, and everything in between.

For a $199 fee, we’ll even keep you stocked with customized info cards white-labeled to your office.

Short answer: Yes.

Slightly-less-short answer: We make every effort to align our operations with HIPAA regulations.

Complete answer: Let's discuss this. First of all, there is no official certification process to be formally recognized as "HIPAA compliant"...there's no Cub Scout badge or anything. In fact, the enforcement agency for HIPAA cautions companies and patients on false or misleading advertising related to HIPAA compliance and states that it does not certify any persons or products as "HIPAA compliant." A business that does make this claim is being disingenuous at best, and at worst...well...take the cannoli. (You may see badges on websites that appear to call an entity "compliant," but those badges are given by third-party independent companies who charge money for the privilege.)

At DentalHQ, we take member confidentiality extremely seriously – after all, we were started by a dentist, and Dr. Wells knows better. To that end, we've made it a priority to implement reasonable and appropriate physical, administrative, and technical safeguards designed to align with applicable regulations relating to Protected Health Information (PHI). If you have any questions about our privacy and data security practices, please contact us at [email protected] or 833-222-HQ4U (4748).

Yes they can. And that's actually a good thing.
Nobody likes locked-in long-term contracts. Except professional athletes.

But don’t worry - we've got you covered. Among other things, monthly-paying patients agree to stay members for at least 90 days. Refer to Sections 5 and 6 of the Terms of Service for more information on cancellations.

And really, it comes down to this: if you take awesome care of your patients, they won't cancel. They'll stay Members, and you’ll be protected from people looking to take advantage of you. 

No, they are not. There is no network.
The DentalHQ website has a directory of some of the offices that have partnered with us to power their membership plan. These listings are complimentary and optional, and those offices use them as another way to market their plans.

No. Not sure who's telling you this, but no: Members cannot transfer offices.
Your membership plan is your membership plan, at your office(s). When your patient joins your membership plan, whether through your online signup form, your in-office enrollment form, or the DentalHQ website, they become your Member. Not our Member. Not anyone else’s Member. Yours.

No. You decide what your membership plan includes and how it’s worded on your signup form and info cards, how much it costs, what it’s called, whether to offer monthly or annual payments to your Members (or both), any age restrictions you wish to apply, family discounts, additional treatment discounts, and even whether or not you want to list your office on our website. It's Your Membership Plan.

We do, however, have minimum monthly prices for your standard plans (Adult and Child) if you wish to list them on The purpose of listing plans on the website is to help patients make informed decisions – we're not into commoditization or any kind of race-to-the-bottom tactics. DentalHQ was created by a practicing dentist, and it is our mission to improve dentistry for everyone.

DentalHQ is fully integrated with Stripe for online payment processing. Stripe’s pricing can be found here:

Note that ACH payments are significantly less expensive than credit and debit card payments, and we offer you the ability to accept cash or check for the purchase of annual plans, of course costing you nothing in merchant fees.

Minor updates and improvements are made daily. Major product upgrades are rolled out every few months. 

Shhh...hear that? Yup, another update. Just happened.

DentalHQ features tour

You create the plans. You set the fees. 

Start off with standard plan templates to get going, and then customize it for your office. Add oral cancer screenings, emergency visits, fluoride treatments, long as there's a code, you can put it in your plan.

Add, edit, and activate members from your Dentist Dashboard. Run reports on payments, see who's up for renewal, and ......

This is the good stuff. Patients searching for dentists will find you on our Marketplace, read about your office, see your membership pricing, and sign up right there from the search results. We do the marketing for you...pretty nifty.

Make it easy on your patients and stand out from the crowd with in-house payment plans, guaranteed by Varidi. No more late payments!

With DentalHQ Connect/Direct/Whateverthehellweregoingtocallit, we help you reach out directly to small businesses, offering them the ability to offer memberships to their employees as part of their HR perks. How's that for an efficient use of marketing effort?!

"Now we're better at attracting new patients and we're doing a better job of keeping our existing ones.
DentalHQ is a no-brainer."

Kimber Holmes, DDS

Pasadena Family Dentistry

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