DentalHQ features: a selected list

Features list

There are approximately 684,321 features that make DentalHQ perfect for your practice.
Here are a few:

  • DentalHQ was founded by a dentist to serve the unique needs of dentists. That's important.
  • No start-up fees. No maintenance fees. Zero cost to get rolling.
  • Our Client Success Manager. He's a feature. Trust us.
  • Our platform is updated nearly every day...wait...just updated again.
  • Endorsements and partnerships with the North Carolina Dental Society, Ohio Dental Association, Smile Source, Elite Dental Alliance, Levin Group, Riccobene Associates.
  • Our Director of Marketing is an award-winning beatboxer.
  • Live phone support from a real live DentalHQ person. It's a thing. We rock email, too.
  • Our Marketing Portal provides an ever-growing arsenal of tools to help you get the word out and get more members. 
  • Guaranteed payment plans through an exclusive partnership with Varidi.
  • Supercharged marketing landing pages for your practice through an exclusive partnership with Webistry.
  • Custom mailers, door-drop flyers, and hyper-targeted marketing through an exclusive partnership with Taradel.
  • DentalHQ is super-easy to use – Mark's three-year-old just set up a perio plan for her stuffed llama. 
  • Our team might have the cutest kids in the industry. Seriously. Don't argue.
  • Comprehensive personalized training to ensure your practice's success.
  • You create the plans. You set the fees. Complete plan customization to your practices specific needs.
  • Super-simple member management. This shouldn't be difficult...and it's not.
  • Keep patients coming back to your practice. Typical patient attrition rates are 20-25%. Our total cancellation rate across the U.S. is less than 10%. Wow, indeed.
  • Our Lead Software Engineer curates a 14-hour-long playlist consisting exclusively of film scores.
  • No contracts. Not that you'll want to leave...
  • Our business model is in direct alignment with your success. We succeed when you succeed.
  • White-label everything: your plan, your patient materials, your marketing, your pricing.
  • Our platform is perfectly built for DSOs, with multi-location setup and login, multi-user permission levels, and a "corporate" overview to manage it all.
  • Brand new, innovative- oh, sorry...we can't tell you about that yet... 
  • Welcome box full of goodies and useful information and goodies.
  • Customizable marketing materials through our print portal.
  • YOUR membership plan.
  • I repeat, NCDS, ODA, Smile Source, Elite Dental Alliance...
  • Less wrangling with insurance companies = happier staff = happier practice.
  • Less wrangling with insurance companies = happier patients.

"DentalHQ helps practices tremendously to retain existing patients and attract new ones. You end up far more profitable with DentalHQ than without it."

Roger P. Levin, DDS

Founder & CEO, Levin Group. Inc.

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