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Three group practice owners – Dr. Mary Pham of Lollipop Dental, Dr. Michael Riccobene of Riccobene Associates, and Dr. Brett Wells of Wells Family Dental Group (and founder & CEO of DentalHQ) – got together and discussed the benefits of membership plans for group practices.

Moderated by Bill Neumann of GroupDentistryNow, the panelists talked about how they got into membership plans in the first place, what they saw in DentalHQ, specific benefits their group practices are seeing with DentalHQ, and some actionable advice for kicking your group's membership plan up a notch.

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Membership plans are supposed to make payment and recall management easier.

But self-administering a plan – especially across multiple offices – is more work than it’s worth.

And other platforms are overcomplicated or force you to do things their way. Or both.

DentalHQ was purpose-built to make growing a practice's fee-for-service patient base simple.

Designed for Group Practice success

We don't succeed unless you succeed.
So we've built DentalHQ to help you succeed.
Success all around.

Fully automated

Automated payment processing, automated status tracking, automated office notifications, automated member notifications...automated EVERYTHING.

Simple to manage

Membership plan administration shouldn't be difficult...and DentalHQ isn't. Get up and running in minutes, and we'll give you the resources and support you need to communicate to your offices. We'll even help you. But you'll see...using DentalHQ is a pleasure.

Increases ROI

A membership plan with DentalHQ is a great way to add more uninsured patients to your offices, keep the existing uninsured patients on a more consistent schedule, and take up less of your office managers' time with insurance claims. So. Much. Efficiency.

Built for how you work

Whether you've got your offices running independently, divided into regions, or all your practices are under one organizational umbrella, DentalHQ makes it easy. 

Completely customizable

Create plans the way you want – as many as you want. Want the same plans for the same prices at each office? Great! Want each office to have their own? Great! Either way, you're in control.

Patients love it

Give your uninsured patients a simple way to pay over time. No waiting periods, no caps, no insurance companies to get in the way. Direct relationships between your offices and their patients are good for everyone.

Market research and focus groups are nice, but there's no substitute for real-world experience.- You -


Our founder, Dr. Brett Wells, runs a four-office group practice based in Raleigh, NC. He created DentalHQ because self-administering his membership plan became too cumbersome and existing platforms are just not good enough. His offices were our first clients.

Dr. Michael Riccobene leads Riccobene Associates, a 36-office DSO with locations throughout North Carolina. Read about his success with DentalHQ below. His offices were our second clients.

We understand how group practices & DSOs work.
We understand what group practices & DSOs need.
And we have comprehensive systems in place to walk you through the process.

DentalHQ was built from the beginning to ease the pain points of group practices.

Case Study: Riccobene Associates

"DentalHQ really helps you move the needle for your practices on a much larger scale."


Leading a multi-office DSO in cities throughout North Carolina, Dr. Michael Riccobene knew that growing the small percentage of fee-for-service patients in his practice would increase profitability by reducing his dependence on dental insurance. However, keeping those uninsured patients engaged in their oral health was a challenge.


A conversation with his colleague Dr. Brett Wells led to him partnering with DentalHQ, which allowed him to easily create, administer, and customize in-house membership plans. Subscription dentistry was the key, Dr. Riccobene realized, to not only retaining uninsured patients, but growing his fee-for-service patient base.


Different locations, different demographics, different team members.
It can be complicated.
But your membership plan shouldn't be.

Quite simply, DentalHQ makes it quite simple.

Automated renewals

Automated payment processing

Automated member notifications

Automated member tracking

Automated happiness

"DentalHQ helps practices tremendously to retain existing patients and attract new ones. You end up far more profitable with DentalHQ than without it."

Roger P. Levin, DDS

Founder & CEO, Levin Group. Inc.

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